Gas Fitting

Residential & Commercial

Gas Fitting

Gas fitting involves the installation, inspection, repair and maintenance of gas lines in both residential and commercial establishments. Here at Ruysch HVAC, we hold a Class A License that enables us to work on appliances that exceed 400,000 BTU. What does that mean? We can do it all!

Gas Line Services:

Gas Line Installation & Repair

From small installations to large homes and commercial shops, we can help you decide on the best route for your gas lines. From measuring and cutting, to threading and assembling, we have the experience and expertise for any size job.

Underground Gas Line Installation

Are you building a new shop or planning to heat a detached garage? Installing gas lines underground may seem like a daunting task, but that’s why we’re here. Using yellow polyurethane pipe, we take care of everything from trenching to hook-up.

Grain Dryers & Agricultural Buildings

If you plan to add a grain dryer to your line-up of agricultural equipment, we can take care of your gas fitting needs including underground installation, modifications, hook-up and firing. Do you require heating, duct or ventilation solutions for your milk house or barn? Call today to book a free consultation.

Gas BBQs, Fireplaces, Ranges, Dryers, & Other Appliances

Are you switching your appliances from electric to natural gas? Or perhaps you’re tired of filling propane bottles and require a hook-up for your new gas BBQ. We can provide both interior and exterior gas line installations for all of your home appliance needs.

Furnaces, Radiant Heaters, Unit Heaters & Water Heaters

Whether you simply need a gas line or a full installation, these are kind of our specialty. In fact, they have their own page! Visit 'our services’ menu for more information.

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